Built on Sitesearch

Shopsearch is built on Sitesearch technology. That means an advanced technical basis and the immediate availability of various features.

Custom results

With Openindex Shopsearch it is possible to always put certain desired products “hard-coded” at the top of the search result for a keyword and to remove unwanted products from the search result. This gives you maximum control.


With boosting, certain products can get a “boost” in all searches. The boosted products will end up higher in all results than they would without boosting. Products can also receive a negative boost, then they always end up lower.

Synonyms and spelling correction

Shop Search supports spelling correction and custom synonyms. Search results can be influenced by linking keywords to each other (for example “phone” and “iphone”).

Smart autocomplete

Shopsearch offers an intelligent way of autocompletion based on relevant searches. It keeps track of popularity and trending topics.

Control over fields and facets

From our portal environment you have control over which fields should be shown in the result, and which fields should be faceted.

Support for multiple languages

Shopsearch supports more than 40 languages, allowing us to provide an optimized search experience in the local language of the website.

Real-time dashboard

Shopsearch comes with a powerful real-time dashboard. Analyzing search data provides valuable information about user behavior.

Makkelijk te installeren met een webshop plugin

The search engine communicates with your webshop through a plugin. We can also serve types of web shops for which no plugins are available yet, as long as there is a feed of the products.

100% stylable with CSS

Design the search results as you wish. Our search results are 100% stylable with CSS. This allows the search function to be seamlessly integrated into the existing design of the webshop.

Coming soon: Add Openindex Shopsearch to your website:

Soon you will be able to signup here to experience Shopsearch right away. Interested? Contact us.


Enter your URL and email address

You will receive an email with login details and your unique code

Download the plugin

The plugin makes installation even easier

Start searching

Once your webshop is indexed and the plugin is placed, the search solution is operational


Openindex Shopsearch is built on the following techniques:


Openindex Shopsearch uses Hadoop for distributed storage of large amounts of data according to the MapReduce paradigm.


Shopsearch crawls based on an improved and expanded version of the Apache Nutch Crawler.


Openindex’s search engine is based on Apache Solr. The de facto standard among Open Source search solutions. Flexible and adaptable.


Implementation in the webshop is built in JavaScript and can be integrated by using a plugin or by pasting in a simple snippet of JavaScript.






25 / month
50 / month
100 / month
250 / month
contact / month


Nr of products or pages
> 50.000


Nr of search queries
> 100.000