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Data Extraction

Save time and money with our flexible Data Extraction solution. Efficiently index millions of pages, extract the useful information and incorporate vast amounts of data into your applications.

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Site Search

Improve the search experience on your website using Site Search. Easily add JavaScript into your website and gain insight into your customers’ search behavior.

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Web Development

Don’t worry about creating a website or mobile application yourself: let us do it for you. We have years of experience creating both websites and mobile apps.

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Customer cases

Web development App developement Hosting engineering
DPG is a national media publisher with well-known titles such as Libelle, Donald Duck, Ouders van Nu, and Autoweek. We provide long-term construction capacity for the development of apps like Autoweek.
Stack of magazines
DPG media
Data extraction Parsing provides risk analyses for organizations worldwide. Our Data Extraction solution delivers monthly analyses of millions of documents. All data is processed in-house at our physical server location.
Person working on laptop
Web development App development
Ancora Health is a startup that helps you take control of your health with preventive health and care programs. Openindex provides several developers to assist in building website, app, admin, api, infrastructure, (security) policies, data extraction, analysis, standards compliance, auditing, testing and requirements engineering
Top down view of a swimmer in a pool
Data extraction Spider trap detection Parsing
Arachnys provides data solutions for various organizations worldwide. We supply a complete data extraction setup, including a component of our Data Extraction solution that keeps the crawler from getting trapped in endless loops, our so-called spider trap detector.
Web development Hosting
Jaludo offers an international online gaming platform under the name Speeleiland. We have developed the system for the websites that serve these hundreds of online games. Openindex also handles the hosting and management of the platform.
Blurry monitor
Site search
Afas software provides financial software packages to over 11,000 organizations in the Netherlands. Our Site Search solution is used on more than 100 websites affiliated with Afas.
Software developer
AFAS software
Web development API development
Mediahuis is a provider of various types of media. We have built several websites and applications on commission, and we provide development capacity for various titles for Mediahuis.
Camera person
Web development Site search
We have built the website for the Provincie Groningen in collaboration with Eend design. In addition, the province uses our Openindex Site Search solution. We delivered a website generator for the various other (themed) websites of the province.
Provincie Groningen
Site search
Ivengi provides digital solutions to various organizations. Openindex supplies the Site Search search solution to dozens of Ivengi's clients.
Person holding laptop near server room
We believe in paying it forward. Read about our Open Source ethos.
Idzard's story about
Open Source

Data and search services


Data Extraction

Tools and APIs designed to collect, index, and integrate datasets into your own another application.

  • Time saving
  • Reliable
  • Flexible
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Site Search

Our search engine that you can add to your website with just one line of javascript.

  • Intelligent
  • Multilingual
  • Secure
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Entity Search

Entity Search automatically recognizes places, names, events and more entities in every text.

  • Time saving
  • Specific
  • User friendly
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Make the most of our services with personalized advice from our experts. Receive a customized analysis, so you can fully utilize our services.

  • Personal
  • Optimize our services
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Receive customized assistence throughout the entire process. So that you can concentrate on your company’s priorities.

  • Hands-on assistence
  • Adaptable to your needs
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