We develop your website and application

We build and take care of your website, admin application, mobile app, API with our Opencii Web Development team.


With Web Development, you do not have to worry about creating your own website. Let us do the work for you.


We develop your website safely with a variety of Open Source CMS systems.

Customized to your wishes:

We develop your website with customized implementations.

High quality Web Development and more

With our Web Development we offer the following services:

  • Support
  • Applications for Android and IOS
  • Years of development experience

From the early years to the present, we have used WordPress as the standard CMS for websites. Over the years, we have built dozens of websites using this CMS.


We are highly experienced in JavaScript. This is the most popular programming language for Web Development.


We have built most of our websites, integrations, and applications in PHP. Therefore, our PHP knowledge is very up-to-date.


We have set up various hosting clusters. As a result, we have solid knowledge of various platforms. Therefore, we can customize the hosting of your website to fit your needs.

React Native

We develop our native apps in Native React.


We primarily use TYPO3 for larger websites and environments where multiple websites are managed from a single CMS system.

Python / Django

We build the backends for our apps using Python / Django.


We use Vue.js as a framework to buildĀ  frontends that are connected to APIs using GraphQL. Our backends are made in Python/Django, WordPress, or Laravel.


Frequently Asked Questions

OpenIndex has built a range of websites, from those for local and national businesses to government websites and national magazine sites like Donald Duck.
No, OpenIndex has utilized various Open Source CMS systems and frameworks, with WordPress being a primary choice, but they've also used TYPO3 and others.
No, besides websites, OpenIndex develops various mobile apps, both web-apps and native apps.
Yes, OpenIndex provides post-development support, which includes helpdesk assistance and periodic security updates.
OpenIndex develops apps simultaneously for iOS and Android OS, ensuring they work on both iPhones and Android devices from the design phase onwards.

Want to work with us? Mail Jack at info@openindex.io

Or call us at +31 50 85 36 600

Jack Bos