Privacy policy Openindex

1a User data
Openindex saves search queries, document clicks and web page views in order to enhance and optimize their service. Openindex stores web server logs for debugging purposes, IP addresses are anonimized. These logs are automatically deleted (by rotating logs) after 14 days. Compliant with European GDPR, we dot not store personal any information about our Site Search users.

1b Website data
Openindex crawls websites in order to offer a optimal experience with our site search service. Certain contents of crawled web pages is stored for no longer than 60 days. We use this information to make our site search solution function as good as possible. Please take a look at our spider page to learn more about our spider and how you can block our spider.

1c Cookies
Openindex uses cookies to provide recommendations. Without cookies recommending web pages is impossible.

1d Tracking cookies
Cookies used by Openindex services do not, under any circumstance, track any user across websites. User cookies are always anonimized depending on the website the user uses. Actions taken by a user on a given website are not visible on other websites.

2 Disclosing information to outside parties
Openindex does does not disclose any user information to any outside party.

3 Questions
If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact Openindex.

Openindex B.V.
Zernikepark 12
9747 AN Groningen
T 0(031)50 85 36 600

4 Disclaimer
If Openindex decides to change their privacy policy, they will post these changes on this page.
This policy was last modified on September 29, 2023.

5 Security
All data collected by Openindex is stored in a secured environment. Hardware this data is stored on is not owned by any company other than Openindex but is subject to Dutch law.