Openindex - Open Source

Starting out as a bunch of programmers, Openindex has been an Open Source oriented company from the start. In the earlier days of the internet, when lots of neighbouring internet bureau’s moved from raw HTML towards Microsoft .net and later Flash for websites, we moved via Perl to PHP en later Python as developing languages. And from there to javascript, react native, GO etc.


When we started out, every programmer runned their own Linux distro and we were experimenting with all kinds of Open Source systems and programming languages. Our first webservers runned on Debian and they still do, combined with some Ubuntu servers. Only staff personell or designers / marketeers used Windows or Apple.


So the use of Open source software is very much in our DNA.


When we started to specialize towards search and data solutions we started experimenting with the various elements of the SOLR stack. Nutch, Lucene, SOLR, Hadoop were software packages that we got very familiar with. A lot of using and experimenting led up to the point where we felt we ran into the limitations of the ‘vanilla’ versions of the software itself.


That’s where we started altering the software, adding features and changing out of the box behavior to fit our needs. But since the codebases can get complex quickly it is a tricky thing to master.


From looking into the code a lot, making several changes and suggestions for the community, combined with being active on the fora of these software packages, the knowledge level became substantial and our senior developer got invited to actively contribute to the software as a so called comitter.


Openindex is proud to say we do our part in keeping the base software for Opensource crawling, searching and indexing.