Self-learning search

The search engine learns to adapt to what users search and find to improve relevance.

Privacy guaranteed

Openindex Site Search is all about respecting privacy. All collected data is stored anonymously. No data is sold or provided to third parties.

Synonyms and spelling correction

Openindex Site Search supports spelling correction and manageable synonyms. This helps the user to find the right results faster!

Support for multiple languages

Our SaaS solution supports more than 40 languages, allowing us to provide an optimized search experience in the local language of the website.

Real-time dashboard

Openindex Site Search comes with a powerful real-time dashboard. Analyzing search data provides valuable information about user behavior.

Smart auto complete

Sitesearch offers an intelligent way of autocompletion based on relevant searches. It tracks popularity and trending topics.

100% stylable with CSS

Design the search results as you wish. Our search results are 100% stylable with CSS. This allows the search function to be seamlessly integrated into the existing design of the website.

Works on any website

It doesn’t matter which CMS is used. A little JavaScript snippet and some CSS styling is all you need for implementation.

Add Openindex Sitesearch to your website!

Follow the three simple steps below and you can start using Sitesearch right away. It is not important in which CMS system your website is built. All we need to add is a very small piece of JavaScript.


Enter your url and email address below

You will receive an email with login details and the unique code

Copy the received code into the website

In the meantime, we index your website

Start searching

When the website is indexed and the script is placed, the search solution is operational


Openindex Sitesearch is built on the following techniques:


Openindex SiteSearch uses Hadoop for distributed storage of large amounts of data according to the MapReduce paradigm.


Sitesearch crawls based on an improved and expanded version of the Apache Nutch Crawler.


Openindex’s search engine is based on Apache Solr. The de facto standard among Open Source search solutions. Flexible and adaptable.


Implementation in the website is built in JavaScript and can be integrated by pasting in a simple piece of JavaScript.

Get more out of your search engine with Openindex Portal

New version coming out soon!
In In our Portal you can fine-tune your search engine and view usage statistics.
You can also manipulate the search results and learn more about your visitors and use. Site Search comes with a powerful real-time dashboard. Analyzing search data provides you with valuable information. With the help of search analysis you can:

  • Discover frequently searched products or services
  • Discover new keywords
  • Improve the use of synonyms
  • Improve SEO policies
  • Recognize search patterns and trends

The next version of our portal contains a completely modernized and very user-friendly interface. This version is currently in the testing phase and will be launched soon!

Pricing Sitesearch





25 / month
50 / month
100 / month
250 / month
contact / month


Number of indexed documents
> 50.000


Number of search queries per month
> 100.000