We're hiring

We are looking for ambitious Apache Solr/Lucene developers and artificial intelligence specialists. You will be working on various search projects and you will be improving our Site Search platform. You will also contribute to our expertise by spending time on research and development. We deliver the challenge and we offer support, you will be able to surprise us with your commitment, your contribution and your skills

Your skills

We're looking for experienced Java programmers who are more than comfortable using GNU/Linux. If one of the following descriptions matches you, please contact us.

  • Experienced in Apache Solr/Lucene or Elasticsearch. We're interested in expanding our services and implementing new query parsers, text analyzers and more.
  • Degree in artificial intelligence. We're interested in pattern recognition, classification of billions of web pages and search query and item recommendations.

Our offer

We offer an exciting job in a relaxed environment, near the center of Groningen, with a competitive salary. You will be working for startups as well as large companies and you will be given enough time to spend on research and development. We offer a full-time job, but this is negotiable.


If you are interested in working for Openindex, please contact us.

Not your skills, but still interested?

If you have other skills that help Openindex to grow and you like to join our team, please contact us.

Please do not make use of this vacancy as an acquisition opportunity.

Contact us
Please feel free to contact us now! Call 0(031) 50 85 36 620, send an e-mail or go to our contact page.